SAGE Datasets

SAGE Publications · 2021

A series of tutorials or guides called Datasets for SAGE Publications explaining good chart practices and how to use and create many different chart types using software tools like ggplot2, Matplotlib and QGIS.

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detail of heatmap visualization showing influensa and pneumonia cases per month

SAGE Publications approached us to create a large set of tutorials, called datasets. These would use real-world data to explain and demonstrate good chart practices for a large collection of chart types ranging from commonplace ones like bar charts to animated maps. Each dataset consists of a Student Guide describing the chart and the data and a How-to Guide which provides a detailed instruction to create the chart with specific software.

Beeswarm plot visualizing the monthly sea ice extent in Northern Hemisphere

A beeswarm plot created in R. Student guide:

Beeswarm plot student guide

Data table as shown in How-to Guide:

Beeswarm data table

Violin plot of economic activity rate by gender in Europe

Example of creating the violin plot using Seaborn: Screenshot of How-to guide showing violin plot and code to render it in JupyterLab plus explanatory text.

Animated map of fires in California from NASA data

How-to guide for QGIS: Part of How-to guide with screenshot from QGIS showing how styles are applied

Map as animated GIF: Animated GIF of finished forest fire map

Cleveland dot plot

Cleveland dot plot visualizing primary energy consumption of oil by continent