Manner geography textbooks

Otava · 2012-2021

Illustrations, charts, maps and various graphics for the Manner series of geography textbooks, published 2012–2021.

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Detail of a book page showing a map with infographics


Other contributors

Nina Brander, Sina Hiekka, Arttu Paarlahti, Christina Ruth, Olli Ruth (authors), Anna-Mari Tyynelä, Hanna Humaljoki (editors), Venla Koski (graphic designer)

Combination graphic explaining tropical cyclones.

Spread with infographics about refugees and immigration.

Infographic demonstrating the incoming solar radiation towards Earth.

Combination graphic explaining low- and high pressure areas in meteorology.

Spread with infographics demonstrating terrain changes during the ice age.

Infographic demostrating the effect of the Earth's axial tilt for the amount of incoming sunlight.

Spread with infographics explaining global ocean currents.

Close-up of infographics explaining ocean currents.

Map explaining different forms of geospatial analysis.

Spread with infographics depicting various facts on urban structures around the world.

Spread with infographics about various natural disasters.

Infographic about map projections.

Combination graphic explainig facts about the solar system.